Performance Management System Addressing The Performance Problem In A Data-Driven Fashion

Performance Management System

Performance management is not just restricted to individual teams and employees within an organization. It is a continuous function of improving the overall levels of organizational performance and efficiency through the discrete evaluation of the company personnel. At the same time, it is a function which is a major cost centre for any organization. While determining a proper reward system and who you’ll be paying how much is crucial, it is also vital for the employees to be aware of their worth in the organization.

At Nexus, we have devised an automated data-driven approach to monitor performance management which augments the different phases of the performance management process i.e. goal setting, coaching, tracking, and rewarding. As a part of our service, we provide 360 degree-view of employees through a dashboard, featuring a variety of descriptive and predictive KPIs. This dashboard serves as an insight for HR decision makers, aiding them in designing the ideal employee experience and increasing overall corporate productivity.

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Perfomance Management

  • Define PMS Methodology as per need of organization, aligning the organizational objectives

  • Identifying broad objectives of the organization, followed by mission, vision & values.

  • Aligning individual performance with organizational goals.

  • Defining rating methodology for individuals.

  • Annual Performance evaluation of individuals (followed by quarterly and half-yearly review)

  • Individual rating calibration

  • Annual Salary Appraisal

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